Scheduled Abstracts by Division
Conference Opening and Plenary Lecture
Plenary Lecture: CIC Medal
Plenary Lecture: Montréal Medal
The Next Wave in Separation Science
Human Health and Diagnostics
Nuclear Analytical Methods
General Analytical Chemistry
Emerging Bioanalytical Instrumentation - Joint with BM
Environmental and Marine Analytical Chemistry - Joint with EN
Consumer Health and Safety - Joint with EN and IC
Teaching Analytical Chemistry - Joint with CE
Microfluidic Platforms for Bioanalytical Applications
Advances in Nucleic Acid Chemistry and Technology
Enzymes: Mechanism, Function, and Structure
Natural Products - Joint with OR
General Biological and Medicinal Chemistry
Carbohydrates - Joint with OR
Medicinal Chemistry: A Canadian Tradition - Joint with OR
Topics in Chemical Biology
Structure, Dynamics and Implications of Multi-state Biomolecules
Chemistry Education Research
Advances in Chemistry Education
First Year Experience
Equity and Diversity in Chemistry
General Session
Technology-based Resources for Chemistry Education
Innovative Laboratory Approaches
Atmospheric Chemistry
Emerging Contaminants
Metals and Nanometals in the Environment - Joint with SS
Advances in Environmental Chemistry and Engineering
Chemical Cycling in Natural Environments
Green Production of Fuel and Feedstocks
Marine Natural Products
Advances in Catalyzed Carbon-Element Bond Formation: Cross-Coupling and Beyond - Joint with OR
From Discovery to Processing of Novel Solid State Materials - Joint with MT
General Inorganic Chemistry
Advances in Main Group Chemistry
Ligand Design In Metal Chemistry
Sustainable Materials and Catalysis in Green Chemistry - Joint with EN and MT
Advances in Bioinorganic Chemistry
Organic Nanomaterials
Polymer-based Drug Delivery Nanotechnology-chemistry and Applications
Dynamic Interactions: From Small Molecules to Polymers and Beyond
Stimuli-responsive Materials
Hybrid Materials - Joint with MT
Nanomaterials in Health Applications
General Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Energy Storage and Capture - Joint with IN
Session in Honour of TK Sham
Materials Chemistry General Session
Emerging Materials Researchers
Designer Molecule-derived Materials
Structural Analysis of Nanomaterials at Atomic Scale
Materials and Methods for Printed Electronics
Small Molecule Self-assembly
Materials at High-pressure
Functional Organic pi-Systems: Synthesis, Theory and Applications - Joint with MT
Organic Synthesis: Taming Complexity
Modern Solutions in Heterocyclic Chemistry
Recent Advances in Physical Organic Chemistry
General Organic Chemistry
Advances in Density Functional Theory
Advances in Solid State NMR: Inorganic Materials, Biological Solids and Theoretical Developments - Joint with MT
Nanoparticles at Biological Interfaces - Joint with SS
Celebrating the Life and Science of Tom Ziegler
Data-driven Computational Chemistry: Models and Applications
Advances in Computational Modeling of Structure and Reactivity
Session in Honour of Benoit Roux
Computational Biophysical Chemistry
Molecular Spectroscopy: Fundamental Research and Applications
General Session
Vibrational Spectroscopy of Polymers and Biomaterials - Joint with MT and PT
Celebrating Ricardo Aroca: Plasmonics and Surface-enhanced Spectroscopy - Joint with AN and PT
Multimodal AFM Imaging - Joint with MT